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Our Philosophy

The Alpha Consulting Group philosophy is relatively simple – we provide clients with proactive, practical and timely advice, tailored to the clients' specific needs, which enables our clients to better create, manage and protect their wealth.

What differentiates us from other Accountants and Advisers?

Knowledge Base

The cornerstone of our service is the quality of our advice which has been built over 30 years of practical experience in advising many different businesses across a diverse range of industries. At ACG it is this knowledge and experience which sets us apart from other accountants and advisors and enables us to help our clients reach their personal and financial goals. All our team members undergo intensive training and development each year to stay ahead of the pack and are leaders in their respective areas of specialisation.


Communication is also one of the fundamental building blocks of the relationship. We pride ourselves on maintaining regular face to face contact with our clients throughout the year and understand the importance of timing and getting back to you quickly. 
To ensure you have access to information and advice when you need it, we assign all clients with a client service team of 3 individuals including a Director, Accountant and Admin assistant which provides you with three different points of contact within the firm.

We also understand from speaking to our clients that they don't like changes and want to have access to the people with the knowledge and experience to answer their questions.  At ACG - you will always have access to one of the Directors to answer your questions.

Real Value

To help our clients reach their personal and financial goals, we understand that we must add value as part of the relationship and help clients create>manage>protect their wealth.

We do this by looking at the "big picture" and not just focussing on financial statements and tax returns but rather focussing on how can we save you tax by implementing better business structures, how to plan for retirement and maximising your earnings via Superannuation and ensuring your assets are adequately protected from the uncertainties of life.

As you will see from our client testimonials, we add real value to our clients each and every year as part of our client relationship which is why we can afford to offer our clients a satisfaction guarantee.

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