High Net Worth Individuals

The term high net worth individual (HNWI) generally applies to persons whom own investments of at least $1 million outside the family home. While some individuals may find themselves in this situation via good fortune in the form of inheritance or lottery winnings, the vast majority have achieved this outcome through hard work and determination.
HNWI's are faced with a number of unique financial and taxation issues that need to be addressed to ensure that the wealth accumulated is not compromised by:

  • Paying higher amounts of tax then required
  • Risk of financial loss due to exposure to potential creditors
  • Payment of "death taxes" due to poorly structured estate planning
  • Sickness or serious injury to major "bread winner" driving the wealth

We often see many HNWI's busy with work commitments, inadvertently overlooking the issues noted above. With correct planning and strategy implementation these potential pitfalls can largely be overcome. At Alpha Consulting we have the knowledge and experience to create>manage>protect your wealth.

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