Business Valuations

In our business solutions module, Business Valuations are essential tools where you are thinking about buying or selling a business. The valuation can help you decide whether you are selling your business at the right price or whether you are paying too much when purchasing another business.

Business Sellers

As part of our business valuation service Alpha Consulting Group can provide you with an indicative valuation of your business as well an in-depth analysis of any tax, commercial or other issues which are likely to effect the final sale price of the business. By identifying potential areas well in advance, we can work with you and your business to address any potential issues to maximise the value of your business and where possible, reduce the amount of tax payable on sale by taking advantage of any potential tax concessions or roll-over relief.

Business Buyers

For those considering purchasing another business, we can also provide you with an indicative valuation of the target business and Financial Due Diligence (FDD) which is the process where we review the other business' financial information and structure to determine whether the financial information is credible and accurate as well as identifying any tax, commercial, legal or operational issues – before you buy it!  This process also provides some confidence to financiers that you have considered all the risks associated with the purchase and enhance the application for funding.

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